Michigan Flooded With Medical Marijuana License Applications


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A very small flood. If you are the size of an ant.

State regulators have been scrambling for the past year to get ready for the big day, December 15, 2017. That was the first day for businesses to turn in their applications to receive state issued licenses for a marijuana operation, a major step in solidifying the legitimacy of the Michigan marijuana market.

There has been much debate over the number of license applications that the state is going to receive, with estimated numbers ranging anywhere from hundreds to thousands. Despite the sizeable feat in front of them, state regulators and their staff worked overtime to ensure that the framework would be complete in time for license applications to be submitted. And indeed it was. They thought of every possible problem, taking steps to ensure that the website wouldn’t crash with the onslaught of online activity they were expecting, and stationing police officers at the four stations in Lansing that were setup to accept applications.

12/15/2017 at 12:01 AM, the state began accepting license applications. Fourteen of them to be exact. Not quite the overwhelming response that was expected.

To be fair, many other states went days, and even weeks before they received their first applications for state licensing, so Michigan really isn’t off to that slow of a start. With thousands of attendees at the METRC application and software training seminars, and plenty of activity at the municipal levels, it is only a matter of time before the applications start pouring in.

With a 47 page state application, and plenty of associated documents and disclosures required, it is likely that most future applicants are still assembling their several hundred page submission packets.

If you are one of the many business owners still in the process of putting your license applications together (or maybe haven’t even started), we have assembled a few helpful links to ease the pain of the process.


PAPER – MICHIGAN LICENSE APPLICATION – Sometimes you just need to see it on paper

ONLINE – MICHIGAN LICENSE APPLICATION – Save some trees! You can submit directly to the state on the web

LICENSE APPLICATION DIRECTIONS – 42 pages of instructions to help with the 47 page application

EMERGENCY RULES – Clarification of the licensing requirements and process

INSURANCE APPLICATION – General Liability and Product Liability are required to operate (as well as Workers Comp if you have employees)

LEGAL ASSISTANCE – (Which you should definitely have) – Cannabis Legal Group has an outstanding team based right here in Metro-Detroit

ACCOUNTANT – CPA Attested financial statements are required – (Also at Cannabis Legal Group)

REAL ESTATE – Maybe this should have been first on the list! Bricks + Mortar Group can help you find a location anywhere in Michigan.

Get Insurance Now!

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