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MMMA – Michigan Medical Marijuana Act

This legislation was passed in 2008 allowing for individuals and their assigned caregivers to grow and possess marijuana in limited quantities, as long as they had a prescription from a doctor. The legislation left a lot of items open for interpretation, creating many problems. For example, 12 plants are allowed per patient, but only 2.5 oz of flower. One plant can yield 1lb or more of flower, which puts a patient over their limit right after harvest. Grey areas like this got many people in trouble, even when they were trying to operate within the rules. To date, dispensaries have typically been operating outside of this law. Some municipalities have shut down dispensaries while others have allowed them to operate. The MMMA allows for caregivers to receive compensation for their expenses in growing and creating medicine.

Original MMMA Act

MMFLA – Michigan Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act

The MMFLA was passed in fall of 2016 in an attempt to provide a state legal framework for marijuana businesses to operate. By applying for a permit with the local municipality, and then applying for and getting approved for a license with the state, these businesses will be allowed to operate under rules that the state has been laying out. There are currently five basic license types that will be issued, Class A, B, or C Cultivation, Processing (Extraction, cooking, packaging, etc), Provisioning (Dispensary), Safety Compliance (Testing labs), and Secure Transportation. These businesses will operate under restrictive state regulations, with requirements like reporting every purchase and sale to the state, undergoing extensive background searches, and following specific packaging standards. There is a substantial application process involved in this model, along with annual fees and many other requirements.

State Licensing Page

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