Bricks + Mortar Group Sponsors Future Attorney General


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On May 24, Bricks + Mortar Cannabis will be sponsoring a reception at the Sahara Restaurant in support of Michigan Attorney General candidate Dana Nessel. We are beyond excited to be involved with such a strong and influential leader, and someone who has been leading in the growth of the Michigan Cannabis legislature.

Dana has over twenty years of experience practicing law both in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office, and through starting her own law firm in 2005.  Dana is the only candidate from either party in support of the legalization of marijuana in the state of Michigan, and believes in rational regulation of marijuana distribution and manufacturing.  Furthermore, Dana is a strong proponent of prosecution of those who sell to people under age 21, and working with law enforcement to develop techniques to detect and prevent drugged drivers. Above all else, Dana believes in protecting Michigan’s citizens from Federal overreach and the protection of Constitutional Rights for all citizens.

“With thousands of opioid overdoses in our state, how much longer can we afford to pretend that marijuana is a worthy target of Michigan’s war against drugs?” -Dana Nessel

If you support the legalization of marijuana in our state, join us at the Sahara Restaurant on Thursday, May 24th!

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