It’s Up to You to Decide


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  • Marijuana legalization officially a ballot issue this November
  • Republicans unable to get the votes needed

The Michigan Cannabis Community can let out a sigh of relief, as  state Republicans were unable to get the votes needed to take up legislation by today’s deadline.  What does this mean? The legalization of recreational marijuana will officially be decided by the voters this November. As it should be!

The Michigan marijuana market is expected to reach sales of almost $1 Billion (yes with a b) per year, and the tax revenue that would come from the new market would do great things for our state.  The revenue is broken up as follows: 35% to education, 35% to roads, and 30% to communities with marijuana businesses. It’s no secret that education and roads in Michigan have been suffering over the past decade, and the legalization of Marijuana has the potential to improve each one drastically.

Big things to come in the state of Michigan. Remember to follow #BricksBlog to stay up to date on all Michigan Marijuana News!

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