LARA’s Latest Bulletin – “Don’t Lick The Weed Before You Sell It!”


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  • LARA’s latest bulletin released July 5th
  • Outlines the Health and Safety standards for marijuana facilities

LARA’s latest bulletin was released today, and it has an odd stipulation listed.  The bulletin focuses on Health and Safety standards for medical marijuana facilities.  Among the expected guidelines (sanitize hands before handling product, no eating, drinking or smoking while handling marijuana, properly sanitize surfaces that will come in contact with marijuana, etc) LARA actually made the distinction that you must not lick any marijuana or marijuana product.  While that may seem odd at first glance, LARA explains that the no licking rule applies to the production of pre-rolled joints that many provisioning centers offer. At least they are looking out for the community! Check out the full LARA bulletin here.

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