Grand Rapids to Opt In by Summer’s End?


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  • The City of Grand Rapids held their first meeting discussing opting in to allow Medical Marijuana took place today
  • Two more discussion meetings are scheduled for July 9th and 10th
  • A tentative vote on the subject is schedule for July 24th

At today’s Medical Marijuana meeting in Grand Rapids, members of the community met to discuss the outlook of the current proposed ordinance to bring medical cannabis into the area. Suzanne Schulz, managing director of design and development for the city, did a great job leading the meeting and fielding questions throughout. Currently there is somewhat of a divide between the proposal recommendations by that of the planning director and the planning commission. They are still working their way through a few things like:

  • Separating distances ( how close dispensary’s can be located to each other, whether they can be open near a place of worship, etc.)
  • Application Requirements
  • Annual Fees

Most of the dialogue, however, came as a result of prospective provisional center owners being disappointed in the amount of properties that would be available to them. Based on the current proposed zoning plans, they fear that the properties available will only advocate to “big business” who have millions of dollars to work with. Another push-back was with the current proposal’s inability to provide adequate parking once everything is eventually up and running.

It will be exciting to see how everything plays out here in the next few weeks. As of now there are meetings similar to these scheduled for Monday July 9th, as well as a public hearing on the 10th and a tentative hearing (for a potential vote) on the 24th.

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