Autism and Arthritis Now Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana Prescription


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  • Eleven additional conditions added to qualify patients for a medical marijuana prescription
  • Among these are Arthritis and Autism

On Monday, July 9th the Department of Licensing and Regulations affairs approved an additional 11 medical conditions that qualify a patient for a medical marijuana prescription.  Autism and Arthritis are among the newly qualifying conditions, which is excellent news for patients suffering from these difficult to treat conditions.

Currently, there are roughly 50,000 people living in Michigan with an Autism diagnosis.  Dr. David Crocker said, “it is Wonderful News” regarding the addition of autism to the list of qualifying conditions. Crocker is a member of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Review Panel, as well as the founder of Michigan Holistic Health.  Crocker explained that medicinal marijuana treats an autism patient that is overly sensitive to stimuli, by acting as a balancing agent. He said the drug would allow patients to maintain a “meditative distance” from the overly stimulating world.

As the baby boomer population is aging, the number of arthritis patients is increasing every day.  This new population of patients will have an incredible effect on the medical marijuana industry as a whole, which we will see unfold as legislation continues to evolve.  By 2030, an estimated 2.7 million Michigan adults will be diagnosed with some form of arthritis, while currently about one-third of the adult population in Michigan suffers from the ailment.  The addition of arthritis to the list of qualifying conditions gives this massive number of people an additional option of treatment, which is nothing but good news.

LARA director Shelly Edgerton said that these additions were a part of “changes in state law to include marihuana-infused products, and the advancement of marihuana research, and upon the recommendation of the panel members.”

The full list of newly qualifying conditions is as follows: arthritis, autism, chronic pain, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, obsessive compulsive disorder, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord injury, Tourette’s syndrome and ulcerative colitis.

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