LARA Enacts Emergency Rule 20 for New Licensees


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  • New Licensees have 30 days to make sure all product meets testing standards
  • All marijuana must be entered into statewide monitoring system within this time as well
  • Failure to meet these requirements can result in fines or other penalties

As Marijuana Facilities licenses are finally being granted in the state of Michigan, LARA has given a 30 day transition period for newly licensed businesses.  In enacting Emergency Rule 20, LARA states that newly licensed businesses have 30 days to enter marijuana product and previously held inventory into the statewide tracking system so it can be monitored.

In other words, new licensees have 30 days to make sure their inventory meets all testing requirements such as: moisture content, potency analysis, foreign matter inspection, microbial and mycotoxin screening, chemical residue, metals screening, residual solvents levels, and water activity.  Licensees also have this 30 day window to make sure all product is tagged and packaged in order to be properly identified in the state monitoring system.

Any marijuana product not in the state system after the given 30 day window is not allowed to be on the premises of the marijuana facility, and if this rule is broken business owners are subject to fines or other penalties.

Read the full LARA bulletin here.

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