FINALLY – The City of Pontiac has a Marijuana Zoning Ordinance!


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  • Ten months after a voter initiative in Pontiac, the City Council has finally passed a zoning ordinance!
  • There will be an overlay district and as well as allowances for certain facilities to locate outside of the overlay.
  • The city will be handing out applications as early as next week for some license types.

It’s been a long journey for the people of Pontiac and the applicants hoping to open facilities there!  Back in August 2018, Pontiac voters chose to allow medical marijuana facilities within the city. Since then it has been a back and forth between the City Council and Planning Commission on a zoning ordinance for medical marijuana facilities.

That all changed on April 9, 2019, when the City Council approved its zoning ordinance for medical marijuana facilities.  The ordinance allows for a marijuana overlay in three districts of the city as well as allowing some processors, provisioning centers, transporters, and labs outside of the overlay.

The final copy of the ordinance will be released by the city on Monday, but you can review the draft that was approved HERE

Pontiac is set to start handing out applications on April 15, 2019, are you ready to submit one?  If you need help finding a qualifying facility in Pontiac, we’d love to help! Contact one of our agents and we’ll find the perfect property to suit your facility’s needs!

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