Per the MRA – Public Health and Safety Advisory


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  • The MRA released a public health and safety advisory regarding Triple Neem Oil 
  • The product contains multiple banned pesticides

Issued by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a public health and safety advisory today regarding a mislabeled pesticide.   The product in question is Triple Action Neem Oil.  Three banned pesticide active ingredients (malathion, chlorpyrifos, and permethrin) were found in the product and are not not listed in the ingredients.  If you have purchased this product, the MRA recommends that you do not use it.

“The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) has identified the presence of three banned pesticide active ingredients — malathion, chlorpyrifos, and permethrin — not listed on the product label for Triple Action Neem Oil Broad Spectrum Fungicide, Insecticide, manufactured by Southern Agriculture Insecticides Inc. This product is widely available throughout the United States. The label lists the only active ingredient as “Neem Oil,” and may be identified by the EPA Reg. No.70051-2-829. This product is listed for Organic use by the Organic materials Review Institute (OMRI). MRA is asking growers who may have purchased this pesticide product to refrain from using it. MRA is taking this action following an investigation conducted by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA).”

You can read the Marijuana Regulatory Agency’s advisory HERE and the original pesticide advisory from the Oregon Department of Agriculture HERE.

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