Adult-use Marijuana Applications & Medical Marijuana Licensing Update – 6/24-6/28/2019


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  • 22 Applicants approved for prequalification
  • 0 Applicants denied prequalification
  • 6 Applicants garanted a State Operating License
  • 0 Applicants denied a State Operating License
  • The Marijuana Regulatory Agency posted the emergency rules and a projected application application date for adult-use

Congratulations to the new licensed and prequalified businesses!


1. Ramolli Transport, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/24/19

2. GLS Enterprises, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/24/19

3. DNA Distribution, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/24/19

4. Swinnhutch Enterprises, Inc. – Prequalification Approval 6/24/19

5. Hutchswinn Enterprises, Inc. – Preuqlaification Approval 6/24/19

6. BLCS, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/25/19

7. R2 Farms, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/25/19

8. ECG MI, Inc. – Prequalification Approval 6/25/19

9. RAD Ventures, LLC – Preaulification Approval 6/25/19

10. Nature’s ReLeaf Grand Rapids, Inc. – Prequalification Approval 6/25/19

11. Elite Works, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/25/19

12. DBJ Holdings, LLC – Preualification Approval 6/27/19

13. Capital Relief Wellness, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/27/19

14. Apollo Organics, Inc. – Preuqlaification Approval 6/27/19

15. Flint Flower of Life, Inc. – Prequalification Approval 6/27/19

16. Ann Arbor Sportsplex III, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/27/19

17. Glacial Waters Ventures, Inc. – Prequalification Approval 6/27/19

18. Purple Noir, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/27/19

19. Green Mitten Pharms, LLC – Preualification Approval 6/27/19

20. OTeal2, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/28/19

21. Edenz, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/28/19

22. Xact Cultivation, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/28/19

State Operating License

1. Pharmaco, Inc. – Licensure Approval 6/24/19

2. 4D Mar, LLC – Licensure Approval 6/27/19

3. Terp Town, Inc. – Licensure Approval 6/28/19

4. LIV Wellness Center, LLC – Licensure Approval 6/28/19

5. A2BG, LLC – Licensure Approval 6/28/19

6. AFA Secured Transporter, LLC – Licensure Approval 6/28/19

You can download a PDF of the report HERE or visit the MRA’s website HERE.

Adult-Use Update

Recently the Marijuana Regulatory Agency posted the emergency rules for adult-use cannabis facilities!  It’s been over 8 months since Michigan citizens voted to legalize the use and sale of recreational marijuana by adults 21 and over.  Finally having these rules puts us one step closer to having licensed adult-use facilities in the state!  The rules also add four new license types: 

1. Marijuana Event Organizer

2. Temporary Marijuana Event

3. Designated Comsumption Establishment

4. Excess Marijuana Grower

Similarly, the MRA also released that they plan to begin accepting applications for adult-use facilities on November 1, 2019.  This is over a month before the date they are required to accept applications by the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act.

We’ll be posting an overview of the adult-use rules and license types later this week, so sign-up for updates and follow us on social media so you don’t miss out.

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