Lansing Limits Marijuana Facilities


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The City of Lansing has decided to cap the number of permits they will allow in the city for marijuana cultivation. They are also closing the application window for the other license types, which begins November 18.

UPDATE: 11/5/2019

The Lansing City clerk will be reopening the application window for 30 days, for certain types of facilities. Applications will be accepted online starting Monday, November 18th, for the following licenses: medical and adult-use transport, medical and adult-use safety compliance, and medical and adult-use processing.

There is still property available in Lansing, get your application started today!

For years, the City of Lansing has been at the forefront of the progressive marijuana movement. Medical marijuana has been legal statewide since 2008, and Lansing was one of the first cities in Michigan to allow dispensaries to operate within its borders. Michigan residents voted to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2018, and it was expected that Lansing would be one of the front runners in the recreational industry as well. 

However, the amendments to the medical marijuana ordinance that were passed on Monday with the recreational ordinance caught many local property owners by surprise, especially the new limit placed on the number of cultivation facilities that will be allowed in the city.

With the ordinance that was approved on September 30, 2019 by Lansing’s city council, a cap was created on the number of cannabis cultivation facilities that will be allowed in the city. 

Previously, the city didn’t have a cap on the number of cultivation permits they would issue. The new limit is 75, or the total number of pending and awarded licenses as of October 29th, whichever is higher. Over 70 applications have already been submitted to the city for cultivation facilities. 

The city’s intent is to decrease this number to 55 as current permit holders fail to renew or get their renewal denied. These new rules amend the medical marijuana ordinance that was adopted by the City of Lansing in 2017.

"It’s unfortunate that the city of Lansing has decided to limit the opportunities available for entrepreneurs to bring their business to Lansing"

Dominic Bonnell

This is an especially large problem for developers that decided to invest in the city of Lansing by purchasing large industrial buildings with the intent of turning them into marijuana facilities. 

One such investor, Dominic Bonnell, purchased a building covering almost 500,000 square feet on South Washington Ave. When he purchased the building, it was mostly vacant and in need of major repair. Six months later, through the marketing efforts of Bricks + Mortar Group, the building is almost entirely leased to cannabis entrepreneurs who are preparing to pour millions of dollars into improving the property. VIEW REMAINING SPACES

“It’s unfortunate that the city of Lansing has decided to limit the opportunities available for entrepreneurs to bring their business to Lansing,” Dominic stated. 

Now that the City of Lansing has limited the number of cultivation facilities that can be opened, demand for vacant industrial space like Dominic’s will drop substantially.

There is a small window for companies to complete their applications if they want to operate a marijuana cultivation facility within the city of Lansing, but everything has to be submitted online by October 29th. 

You can submit your online application HERE

There are a few spaces left for lease in the building at 2100 S Washington, Lansing, MI 48910, call Bricks + Mortar Group at 248-671-6721 if you would like to tour the building and get your application submitted before the deadline!! 


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