Burton Approves Recreational Marijuana


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Burton, a thriving suburban community 60 miles north of Detroit, boasts many local attractions. The city’s most popular recreational venues are the Buick Automotive gallery, several antique shops, an escape room, multiple golf courses, a beautiful 40-acre park, and the children’s museum. But come December, there will be a new type of recreation in the city: recreational marijuana facilities. 

On September 5th, the Burton City Council approved a new ordinance; one allowing several types of recreational marijuana facilities within the city limits. Burton will also approve temporary marijuana event permits, allowing marijuana events to take place in the city for as long as seven days. 

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“The city already has a medical marijuana facilities ordinance in place, so the decision to draft an ordinance for recreational facilities seemed like the right thing to do.”

Burton Deputy Planning Official, Amber Abbey

Recreational marijuana facilities will be located within two districts of the city: The General Business District, and the Light Industrial District. The facilities allowed are as follows; marijuana retailers, designated consumption establishments, growers, processors, microbusinesses, safety compliance operations, and secure transporters. As a general rule, facilities must not be within 200 feet of a residential district, or within 1,000 feet of any school, childcare building, religious institution, or park. Recreational marijuana facilities also may not be within 500 feet of each other, unless an applicant has one parcel of land, and co-locates the businesses on the same parcel. In this case, each facility must have separate consideration, licensing and fees. 

There are plenty of other rules and requirements for the recreational marijuana facilities. For example, facilities may only be operated Monday through Saturday, from 8:00am through 8:00pm, and Sunday from noon to 6:00pm. The building in use must be fully enclosed, with a security system that includes both audible and silent alarms and video surveillance. There must be a method put into place to reduce heat build-up from lighting, and prevent fire hazards. In addition, it is required to have ventilation equipment that provides fresh air intake, and a filtered exhaust system that controls odor. Owners and operators must also provide the city with detailed plans of a proposed insect control method. 

Burton also requires that only individuals who are 21 and older are allowed on premises, unless the person holds a valid Medical Marijuana State Registry Card and the establishment is co-located with a medical marijuana facility. In addition, the facility’s advertising and signage must not appeal to minors, and a large 18-inch by 24-inch sign must be posted, stating “No Loitering: ordinance 144.089(B)(1)(c)”. 

There are currently 19 marijuana operators already within Burton city limits. These include nine provisioning centers, five grow facilities, three processing facilities, and two transporters. It is safe to assume Burton has had a positive experience allowing marijuana businesses into the community, considering they have decided to license even more facilities.

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