Michigan Recreational Marijuana Sales Start with a Bang


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December 1st- First day sales of recreational marijuana revenue near a Quarter Million Dollars!
dec 1

Hundreds of people waited in line in Ann Arbor on Sunday morning, eager to be one of the first to legally purchase recreational marijuana. Many of the customers even camped out overnight on Saturday to guarantee their spot in line.

Over a year after voters approved a ballot measure allowing it, three recreational marijuana dispensaries, Arbor Wellness, Exclusive Brands and Greenstone Provisions, finally opened in Ann Arbor, at 10:00AM on December 1st.

Consumers are happy to finally be able to purchase adult-use marijuana from a reputable source, knowing it has been tested and state-approved.

“I don’t have to go find someone on the street and worry where it’s from. I’m making connections with knowledgeable people, and not connections with people I may not want to be connected with.”

Annie, 29, of Detroit

People from across several states, including Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, were among the first to purchase adult-use cannabis. According to Exclusive Brands, there were consistently long lines of hundreds of people throughout the day. The dispensary was able to serve over 900 customers between 10:00AM and 9:00PM, when they were required to close. 

Customers who were not able to be served due to the closing time and long lines were offered a “golden ticket”, allowing them to cut to the front of the line the following day. One of the other dispensaries gave their unserved customers freebies, including pre-rolled joints, as well as discount coupons.

Sales on the first day neared a quarter million dollars according to the Michigan Regulatory Agency (MRA), topping out at $221,000. The State of Michigan forecasts the sale total in the first year will be hundreds of millions of dollars, once more dispensary locations are established.

According to the shops, supply shortage was not an issue on the first day, although Greenline Express, the state’s first transporter licensed to deliver recreational marijuana, made several trips to one dispensary throughout the day. Exclusive Brands owns a processing business in the same building as it’s dispensary, so employees were able to conveniently resupply throughout the day. The dispensaries expect they will be able to continue to keep up with demand in the future.

As of Monday, December 2nd, the MRA says they have licensed seven businesses for retail sale of recreational marijuana. Five of these businesses are located in Ann Arbor, one  in Morenci, and one in Evart. The state expects to license at least a dozen dispensaries by the new year.

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