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Brokers all over the country love working with Bricks + Mortar Group. Whether you sell a couple 420 properties a year, or you are the local MMJ real estate expert, let’s work together.

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You can’t be the expert at everything, sometimes the best way to service your clients is to bring in some backup. If you happen to have a client getting into the cannabis industry, but you don’t have the bandwidth or the interest in learning the in’s and out’s of starting a marijuana business, we offer several referral programs so you can continue to provide outstanding service without all of the legwork.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do referrals get paid?2018-09-04T16:43:57+00:00

All referrals are issued within 7 days of the us receiving payment. With cannabis real estate transactions, payments are typically received on the day of closing, while marijuana insurance carriers can vary between 45 and 60 days from the effective date of a policy. Unlike some companies, we don’t make you wait an additional 30 days for payment.

Do I have to be licensed to get a referral fee from Bricks + Mortar Group?2019-06-19T18:35:40+00:00

State law restricts what referral fees we can pay in each industry, and the real estate and insurance sectors are particularly strict. Contact us directly to discuss how we can work together in your state.