Referral Programs

You can’t be the expert at everything, sometimes the best way to service your clients is to bring in some backup. If you happen to have a client getting into the cannabis industry, but you don’t have the bandwidth or the interest in learning the in’s and out’s of starting a marijuana business, we offer several referral programs so you can continue to provide outstanding service without all of the legwork.

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10%Sale Price
  • Wide Range Of Services Available
  • Easy online submission and lead tracking

Real Estate Listings

20%14 days from close
  • Maximum Niche Market Exposure
  • Instant access to thousands of buyers

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  • Competitive Pay Structures
  • Support and training from leading experts

Working On MMJ Deals?

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Brokers all over the country love working with Bricks + Mortar Group. Whether you sell a couple 420 properties a year, or you are the local MMJ real estate expert, let’s work together.

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