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Insurance Application

Start Here! Landlords, tenants and operators – if you have not yet applied with us, or you have an additional business entity that you need coverage for, this is your first step in the insurance process. This form gives us a general overview of your company, ownership, and insurance needs that you may have with your business.

Initial Application

Workers Compensation

Worker’s Compensation is an insurance coverage requirement that applies to ALL businesses in Michigan, not just marijuana focused. If you have full time employees, or multiple employees, they need to be covered one way or another. Get started with our online application here.

Workers Comp App

Performance Bond

While the state of Michigan allows for a bond to be used in place of liability insurance, we typically recommend that our customers not pursue that option. However, several municipalities are requiring bonds as part of their local permitting process. If the city that you are doing business in is requiring a bond, you will need to complete this application as well.

Get A Bond