Cannabis Broker Price Opinion Report

Utilizing our extensive in-house database of real estate sales information, we complete a comprehensive review of the current state of the market, analyze comparable sales around the state using a variety of metrics, and combine it all into a professional and educational report. Our property reports have been used for all of the following and much more. 

Price Opinion Report


‘Green zoned’ comparable sales analysis

Summary of market trends

Local demographics

Municipal ordinance summary 

Property valuation

Recommended sale or lease price

Premium Package Add-Ons

  • Expedited Turn Around $200

    Completed report delivered within 24 - 48 hours. Applies to Price Opinion Reports only

  • Green Zone Verification $175

    Full municipal ordinance review, local permitting status, and parcel zoning confirmation

  • Full Demographic Analysis $100

    Local population trends and statistics, including a summary of the local available workforce and major employers

  • Competitive Research $350

    Research competitive landscape, prepare and submit FOIA requests as necessary, provide complete report of local competitors and license status

  • Professional Photographs $350

    Professional interior and exterior photos, and overhead drone shots of the property, starting at $350 depending on the location

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