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Local Updates

Local Updates

February 15, 2019: Provisioning center application window ends December 18, 2018: The city will begin accepting applications December 18, 2018. Provisioning center applications will be accepted through February 15, 2019. December 4, 2018: The city council is planning to discuss the planning commission’s zoning recommendations at the 12/18 meeting. The city council also wants to schedule a public hearing to allow residents to express their opinions on the proposed zoning recommendations. November 1, 2018: Marijuana ordinance goes into effect – Grand Rapids will begin taking applications for marijuana facilities licenses. July 31, 2018: The City of Adrian will stop taking medical marijuana applications on July 31, 2018 July 24, 2018: Grand Rapids opted in! A revised hybrid version of the ordinance was passed which will go into effect November 1st, 2018 July 1, 2018: 180 day moratorium on new application goes into effect April 16, 2018: MORATORIUM ENACTED – The City of Ann Arbor stopped accepting applications for provisioning centers due to such high interest March 12, 2018: Application window closed for 2018 February 20, 2018: Voted to establish moratorium on new applications – goes into effect July 1, 2018 February 12, 2018: Medical Marijuana Zoning Ordinance goes into effect December 18, 2017: Medical Marijuana Facility Zoning Ordinance adopted. “All five facility types defined by the State of Michigan MMFLA are permitted in the City, in specific zoning districts. Some facility types require Special Exception Use approval from the City Planning Commission before a Zoning Compliance Permit may be issued. There are no limits on the number of medical marijuana facilites in the City, but they are limited in where they can locate by zoning district and spacing requirements.” November 26, 2017: MMFLA Ordinance goes into effect November 9, 2017: MMFLA ordinance adopted to allow all 5 facility types