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Opted In – Medical – Beaverton Township, MI   Gladwin County


Ordinance Ordinance

Municipality Information

Municipality Information

Phone Number: 989-465-6323

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Ease of Licensing:


Cultivation Licenses: 3 of each | Zoning: Residential and Farming (R/F)- one acre or more, Industrial (I-1)

Dispensary Licenses: 2 | Zoning: (B-1), (B-2), (I-1)

Transport Licenses: 3 | Zoning: (R/F), (I-1), (B-1), (B-2)

Laboratory Licenses: 1 | Zoning: (R/F), (I-1), (B-1), (B-2)

Processing Licenses: 2 | Zoning: (R/F), (I-1), Local Business- (B-1), General Business (B-2)