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Marijuana in Detroit

Detroit has finally opted in to allow for marijuana facilities within the city. After months of deliberation and numerous lawsuits, the city has finalized their medical marijuana ordinance. However, it may not be time to celebrate quite yet. With many restrictions and a difficult approval process in place, there are still a lot of hoops for business operators to jump through before they will be issued a permit.

The Marijuana Permitting Process In Detroit

What is the MMFRC?

“MMFRC” stands for Medical Marijuana Facilities Review Committee and will be an integral part of the Detroit medical marijuana facilities application process once the new ordinance takes effect this October.  The MMFRC consists of a staff member assigned from multiple City Government agencies and departments including the Law Department and Detroit Police Department. The committee’s purpose is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Buildings, Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department (BSEED) and the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).  The MMFRC reviews and makes recommendations regarding the advisability of permitting medical marijuana facilities. In other words, the MMFRC determines whether a medical marijuana business will be accepted in Detroit, and a vote to pass must be unanimous amongst the ten members.

What does the MMFRC require upon application?

The MMFRC reviews an extensive number of factors for each medical marijuana facilities application over a 60 day period.  They are as follows:

  • Site plan compliance
  • Floor plan of proposed facility interior drawn to scale
  • Comprehensive business plan including:
    • Operation
    • Security
    • Nuisance mitigation
    • Waste disposal
    • Community relations
    • Number of Detroit residents employed, or planned to be employed
    • Business ownership information
  • City of Detroit income tax returns for preceding 3 years for each natural individual that is a part of the ownership entity
  • Property tax clearance for proposal location
  • Financial documentation demonstrating sufficient resources required by the MMFLA
  • Police dept. history of each natural person of the ownership entity and location
  • Estimated use of public services, electricity, sewage, and water
  • Types of materials, substances, chemicals, machinery and equipment used
  • Proposed development potential for impeding the normal and orderly development of the surrounding community
  • Community benefits the applicant intends to provide (if any)
  • Any other document the MMFRC feels is needed over the review process

Temporarily Authorized Detroit Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana dispensaries have been operating in the City of Detroit for years. Here are the ones that got their Attestation E into the state by February 15th, allowing them to stay open a little bit longer.

13775 W. Buena Vista #277, 13775 W. Buena Vista LLC
1680 Clay, Topshelf Strain Xchange
20561 Dwyer, 5 & Dime
10 E. Eight Mile, Green Cure Wellness Inc.
3340 E. Eight Mile, Caregivers of Detroit
5540 E. Eight Mile, Caldwell 5540 LLC
5730 E. Eight Mile, aka 5700 Detroit Farmer Market Inc.
6030 E. Eight Mile, KIN
6640 E. Eight Mile, The Reef
6650 E. Eight Mile, The Green Mile
8600 E. Eight Mile, #28 Taste Buds LLC
8680 E. Eight Mile, Buds R Us
11400 E. Eight Mile, Suite A District 3 LLC
15308 E. Eight Mile, Healing Tree
15670 E. Eight Mile, Dream Detroit
7461 W. Eight Mile, DMMCC LLC
14239 W. Eight Mile, Green Cross
16433 W. Eight Mile, American Dank
20101 W. Eight Mile, Plan B
21221 W. Eight Mile, Far West
6400 Epworth, Top Dollar Holdings LLC
6237 Federal, Southwest Medz
10015 W. Fort, Klean Herbal Solution
19449 Glendale, Rig Properties 2 LLC
24363 Grand River, Green River Meds
10457 Gratiot, Natural Caregivers LLC
11999 Gratiot, 420 Dank
14917 Gratiot, #112 Power Play Powersports 2 Inc.
7555 Greenfield, 420 Factory LLC
20327 Groesbeck Hwy. Southtrack Management 2 LLC
16829 Harper, Humble Jungle LLC
611 Hillger, Hillger Enterprise LLC
20580 Hoover, #323 Green Skies-Hoover LLC
14108 Houston-Whittier, Green Cross 1
19154 James Couzens, House of Mary Jane
12604 E. Jefferson, #96 Detroit Roots Inc.
4473 W. Jefferson, D. Savage LLC
6541 E. Lafayette, Utopia Gardens
2101 W. Lafayette, #106 Corktown Collective
14501 Mack, House of Zen
5808 E. McNichols, Top Dollar Holdings LLC
24600 W. McNichols, Green Genie Inc.
7304 Michigan, Green Door Alternative
17600 Mt. Elliott, Top Dollar Holdings LLC
2540 Rosa Parks, Botani Q
465 Schaefer/1380 Oakwood, Motor City Wellness
20477 Schaefer, Shake n Bake LLC
2619 S. Schaefer Hwy. Green Pharmacy Detroit
19705 W. Seven Mile, Evergreen Wellness Group LLC
8287 Southfield, Reclaim MMC LLC
12641 Stout, Brightmoor Gardens LLC
14800 Tireman, District 7 LLC
2520 22nd, Agronomous LLC
11555 E. Warren, Green Acres Wellness Center LLC
18334 W. Warren, Level Up Holistic Center
19533 W. Warren, Advanced Wellness Detroit LLC
14325 Wyoming, Herbel Centre