All Marijuana Facilities In Michigan

Whether you are doing competitive research on other marijuana cultivation facilities in the area, or you are just trying to find the closest dispensary, you have come to the right place. The map above is updated regularly as the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) issues additional licenses. The Michigan marijuana licensee map can be filtered by license type, as well as recreational marijuana license holders versus medical marijuana license holders. 

If you click on the location, the name and address of every licensed marijuana facility in Michigan is available. The owner’s contact information is also available on many of the records.  

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Facility License Holders

The MRA regularly issues updates that include information about the newest recreational marijuana facility license holders.  Until March 1, 2021, all recreational marijuana license holders in Michigan had to start with a medical license first. That is no longer the case, but there are still many medical marijuana license holders in the State of Michigan. Here is a list of the companies that have applied for and recieved approval to operate as a medical marijuana facility in Michigan, as well as the latest companies to enter the Michigan recreational marijuana market.

Companies Pre-Qualified For Marijuana Licenses

These businesses have completed the pre-qualification process with the State of Michigan. This is also known as ‘Step 1’ of the state licensing process in Michigan. It is required by many municipalities before even applying for a local permit.