Cannabis Business and Hemp
Escrow Services

Our banking relationships allow us to handle transactions that most escrow companies can't touch. We handle a variety of transaction types, including real estate closings, hemp sales, construction escrow accounts, and more. If you have a unique situation let us know, we can typically come up with a solution. Our team can take care of all disbursements, escrow documents, and provide regular account statements so you know your money is always protected.

Outline Of The Process: How It Works

Step 1 – Open an Escrow Account

In order to open an escrow account, we need the following documents:

– Our escrow agreement signed by all parties  (Download Escrow Agreement)

– Operating agreement for each entity (buyer and seller)

– An LLC resolution signed by all company owners telling us who is authorized to release the funds (Download Sample LLC Resolution)

– Copy of driver’s license or passport for each party authorized to sign

– W-9 for the company that is receiving the funds

Step 2 – Fund Escrow

Once we have your documents, we will assign you a transaction number. You can now fund your escrow account via ACH, check, cashier’s check, or Wire.


Remember to ALWAYS call to confirm wire instructions prior to sending any funds!!

Step 3 – Complete The Transaction

If you are working with a title company, they will have various documents for you to sign at closing. The title company will provide us with a copy of the closing package, along with a disbursement ledger outlining where the funds should go. If your purchase doesn’t include real estate, we will coordinate with your attorney or broker to obtain the final documents. Once all parties are in agreement that the terms of the contract have been fullfilled and have authorized us to release funds, we will disburse.


Fee Structure

Real estate / business sales:
$1500 per closing (this does not include title insurance related costs, however we can coordinate this for you with a cannabis friendly title company)

Hemp escrow:
$1500 per million transacted, up to 4 parties involved

Custom escrow transactions:
If you have a different type of transaction, a lot of parties involved, or a transaction over $2 million, contact us and we can customize an arrangement for you