Cannabis Business and Hemp
Escrow Services

Our banking relationships allow us to handle transactions that most escrow companies can't touch. We handle a variety of transaction types, including real estate closings, hemp sales, construction escrow accounts, and more. If you have a unique situation let us know, we can typically come up with a solution. Our team can take care of all disbursements, escrow documents, and provide regular account statements so you know your money is always protected.

Outline Of The Process: How It Works

Set Up An Escrow Agreement

Fee Structure

Real estate / business sales:
$1500 per closing (this does not include title insurance related costs, however we can coordinate this for you with a cannabis friendly title company)

Hemp escrow:
$1500 per million transacted, up to 4 parties involved

Custom escrow transactions:
If you have a different type of transaction, a lot of parties involved, or a transaction over $2 million, contact us and we can customize an arrangement for you