Cannabis Escrow Services

We personally deliver professional escrow services for a wide variety of cannabis related transactions. As a neutral 3rd party we can carry out the specific instructions in an agreement objectively with tremendous care and attention to detail. We additionally take care of all of the disbursements associated with a closing.

Outline Of The Process: How This Works

  • 1) Form Submission Signed
  • 2) Upload Signed Escrow Agreement
  • 3) Upload Purchase Agreement
  • 4) Send Email To Administrator

Wire Instructions: How To Send Us Money

Receiving bank:   United Bankers Bank  (Bank the wire is going to)

Routing & Transit/ABA #:  091001322

For Credit To: (Recipient)

          Huron Valley State Bank

          130 S Milford Rd

          Milford, MI  48381

          Account# 1003500

For Further Credit To: (Or put this information in the notes section)

          Bricks + Mortar Group

          Account# 202008728

Please call Bricks + Mortar Group at 248-671-6721, or request instructions via text to confirm prior to sending!!