7 Reasons to Use a Green Zone Certified Agent

Selling a property in a niche market, such as the cannabis industry, requires a specific scope of knowledge. A traditional real estate agent typically does not have expertise in this area of business. Green Zone Certified Agents specialize in cannabis real estate deals, and are the best option when buying or selling property for many reasons.

Michigan Medical & Recreational Marijuana License Types

Most recreational licenses require that you have a medical license also Applications for Recreational Licenses will be accepted starting November 1st!! Click HERE to view municipalities allowing facilities Over the past 11 years, the legality of marijuana in Michigan has changed several times. It began with medical caregivers in 2008, advancing to medical facilities in […]

Warren on hold again – Judge prohibits the city from issuing dispensary licenses

Cannabis leaf and gavel

A lawsuit was filed against the city of Warren The judge has ordered that the city issues no permits until further notice What changes may need to be made to the city’s permitting process? Warren’s Newest Licensing Hold The City of Warren may be going back to the drawing board when it comes to marijuana dispensaries.  […]

Adult-use Marijuana Applications & Medical Marijuana Licensing Update – 6/24-6/28/2019

Marijuana Licensing Update 6/24/19-6/28/19

22 Applicants approved for prequalification 0 Applicants denied prequalification 6 Applicants garanted a State Operating License 0 Applicants denied a State Operating License The Marijuana Regulatory Agency posted the emergency rules and a projected application application date for adult-use Congratulations to the new licensed and prequalified businesses! Prequalifications 1. Ramolli Transport, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/24/19 […]

Weekly Michigan Marijuana Licensing Update – 6/17/19-6/21/19

Weekly Marijuana Licensing Update

36 applicants granted prequalification 6 applicants denied prequalification 2 applicants granted a State Operating License 1 applicant denied a State Operating License 1 facility ownership change Congratulations to the new prequalified applicants and Michigan’s most recently state-licensed marijuana facilities! Prequalifications 1. Canna-Corp, Inc. – Prequalification Denial 6/10/19 a. Section 402(2)(a) – The Applicant did not submit a complete […]

CONGRATULATIONS! Weekly Marijuana Licensing Update – 6/3/19-6/7/19

30 applicants prequalified 1 applicant denied prequalification 7 applicants granted a State Operating License 3 applicants denied a State Operating License Congratulations to the new prequalified applicants and Michigan’s most recently state licensed marijuana facilities! Prequalifications 1. Michigan Green Leaf, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/3/19 2. A2BG, LLC – Prequalification Approval 6/3/19 3. NTH Farms, Inc. – […]

What is a Vertically Integrated Facility and Why does it Matter?

Cultivation + Processing + Provisioning Center = Vertical Integration Vertically integrating allows for increased profit margins but may have a higher overhead cost State and local regulations will affect your vertical integration options Owning a facility that can be used for a vertically integrated facility can be very lucrative. Whether you’re looking to buy or […]