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Trusted Vendors

It takes a team to bring your marijuana facility from concept to reality, and we can help you build that team. Bricks + Mortar Group has assembled a list of companies in the Michigan marijuana industry that have proven their reputability and knowledge in the industry. We thoroughly vet all of our industry partners to ensure that we only recommend the best to our clients.  


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How do a find a vendor to use for my marijuana business?

There are many resources available online but what we have tried to do is offer recommendations for trusted vendors that we have fully vetted. Our site has been organized into multiple categories for easier browsing. If you cannot find what you are looking for here please reach out to us; we will do all that we can to be of assistance. 

How do I know I can trust a vendor for my cannabis business?

Always do your research independently to verify third party claims, but the best method we can recommend is to find a trusted referrer. A reputable company making referrals will do all that they can to protect themselves which can be used to your advantage. 

How do I sell products and/or services to cannabis businesses?

There is a lot of competition in the ancillary service market, so it is not easy. The best way is to sign up a preferred vendor with a reputable cannabis company that has already done the heavy lifting, i.e. acquiring customers and building a relationship with them.

Can you recommend a cannabis service provider in Michigan?

Our main office is located in Michigan so we have primarily focused on providers offering local service with our trusted vendor list. 

Can you help me find a nationwide cannabis service provider?

Our Trusted Vendor List includes many service providers that are more than willing to provide service nationwide. Please contact us directly for any specific questions.

I am looking for a discount for purchasing cannabis products, can you help?

Many of our Trusted Vendors offer discount programs. Please browse through the vendor list to find the product or service that you are looking for and contact us for more information.