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I had a realization last night.

We get calls. A lot of calls. Sometimes they need real estate, sometimes they need insurance, but a lot of the time, they just want to talk about the cannabis industry. Occasionally they are competitors, other insurance and real estate agents that want to get into the space. Sometimes they are future licensees trying to learn how to get started in the industry, or active in another state or country and they are starting to explore Michigan. Usually I am happy to help people get started, but there are times that acting as a free consultant gets old quickly.

Yesterday was one of those days. After multiple 30+ minute conversations with different people inquiring about how to get into the cannabis industry, I was ready to put my phone on silent and hide out to get some work done. I find myself wondering why people don’t check the LARA website, or read the legislation, or anything else besides calling their real estate broker or insurance agent for advice. And then I realized something that completely shifted my attitude on the matter.

If there is one thing that I truly appreciate, it is education. Not education in the traditional sense of going to classes for years, getting a piece of paper, and walking off stage with an impossible amount of debt and a confused look on your face, but true education. Those that are motivated by a search for knowledge and understanding about the world around them are able to achieve heights that no traditional education will ever provide.

There are only two things in the world that you gain more of as you give it away – love and knowledge. Now you and I will probably never love each other. There is a high likelihood that we may not even like each other. But I do believe that you deserve knowledge. Every single one of you. Knowledge provides opportunity, and as we create and optimize our market, we provide more opportunity for each other to grow and improve.

So I realized, that if I really believe that – and I do – then sharing information with others shouldn’t be bothersome. Now spending all day on the phone offering free consulting is definitely not an effective way to share knowledge – and we will create a much better method to accomplish this. But it is core to our business, and I think it will be part of the core to our success.

We believe that knowledge should not be kept secret and connections are meant to be shared.

Today, I woke up with a new attitude. Today, I count myself lucky to be a part of a world that is overflowing with people searching for knowledge, understanding, and guidance. Where else could we go and find an entire industry driven by people so passionate to grow and build and work together?

This has led us to rewrite our company belief statement. Because while we are licensed as a real estate brokerage and an insurance agency, and we strive to do it amazingly well, that is not what we ARE. We are a part of a group of amazing entrepreneurs, working in an incredible industry, building, and growing, and contributing to something bigger.

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