Some Detroit area cities opt out of recreational pot, banning shops


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  • Bricks + Mortar Cannabis on Fox 2 News!
  • Recreational marijuana is about to be legal in Michigan.
  • Berkley considering an ordinance to prohibit recreational marijuana.

 – Marijuana is going to be legal in Michigan, but some cities are choosing to opt out – not allowing stores.

A brand new industry of recreational marijuana in Michigan is being met with people who see the potential.

“It’s the gold rush of the 2000s,” said Stephanie Goodman.

And people who believe a change is not always for the good.

“I think it’s better to be cautious and keep the community safe and pure,” said Dave Tomaszewski, Berkley business owner

It is a decision local municipalities are dealing with after the passage of Prop 1. Cities like Royal Oak, Troy, and a few others have already passed ordinances forbidding marijuana retail stores from opening within the cities limits.

And despite 70 percent of voters in Berkley in favor of legal weed, the Berkley City Council is currently mulling over the same decision.

“If they don’t want it in their town. then that’s the way it will be,” said one man.

But the people over at Brick and Mortar Marijuana Real Estate in Berkley say like it not, the pot stores are coming.

Read the full story here!

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