Adult-use Marijuana – Regulatory Update


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  • LARA live streamed with Andrew Brisbo of the MRA this morning to discuss adult-use marijuana
  • Adult-use rules are expected in June 2019!
  • Licensed facilities by early 2020!

LARA had a live video with Andrew Brisbo, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) Director, this morning.  During this meeting, adult-use marijuana regulations were discussed including a timeline for adult-use facility licensing.

Per the Michigan Regulation & Taxation of Marijuana Act (MRTMA), the MRA must begin accepting applications for adult-use facilities on or before December 6, 2019, at the latest.  Other provisions laid out in MRTMA include:

  • Adult-use marijuana facilities must also have and maintain a medical facility license for the next 1-2 years.
  • Co-location of adult-use and medical facilities cannot be prohibited.
  • The MRA will enact its own rules and regulations in regards to adult-use marijuana facilities.
  • Cities can decide whether to opt in or out.
  • If a municipality wants to opt out, it must pass an ordinance to do so.

Can I Buy Adult-use Marijuana?

Currently, the purchase of adult-use marijuana is still illegal under Michigan law.  This is because you can only legally purchase products from licensed retailers and those retailers have yet to receive licenses.  The MRA expects to have facilities licensed and able to operate by the beginning of 2020. I want to emphasize, from a licensing standpoint, a medically licensed provisioning center is not the same as an adult-use retailer.  Facilities planning to co-locate will need to hold two separate licenses for each side of the business. This means a provisioning center cannot sell cannabis products to anyone who is not a recognized patient or caregiver until they also hold an adult-use retail license.

When Will the MRA have Rules?

Shortly after voters passed the MRTMA, what was then the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation stated that they planned to have draft adult-use rules June 2019.  In the live stream this morning, it was stated that they expect to have full rules sometime in June.

A few municipalities have opted into adult-use marijuana, but many are waiting for the state’s rules before they decide.  Having the rules 6 months before the deadline to accept applications will hopefully help these municipalities decide which path is best for their respective communities.

When can I Submit an Application?

This is a question with two separate answers.  Brisbo stated in the live stream that he expected the MRA to be able to begin accepting applications in September or October of 2019.  That being said, as stated above, adult-use applicants must have and maintain a medical facility license for the first 1-2 years. Therefore, if you don’t hold or plan to hold a medical facility license, you won’t be able to apply until 2021-2022.  The exception to this is safety compliance facilities and possibly microbusinesses. We will learn more about this when the rules are published.

Bricks + Mortar Group will be watching and reporting as more information becomes available, so check back with us for updates!

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