City of Owosso announces Provisioning Center lottery winners!

  • The City of Owosso held its Provisioning Center lottery last night.
  • The winners of the 4 dispensary permits were announced.

The City of Owosso held its provisioning center lottery last night.  Their lottery system differed from most (if not all) other cities in that applicants had to pick lottery numbers and the winners were chosen based off of who was closest to the Michigan Daily 3 lottery draw for that evening.  The city received 110 applications during their acceptance window last month, but they are only allowing 4 dispensaries in the city.

The numbers were drawn at 7:29 PM on June 13, 2019.  The closest four applicants – and, therefore, the winners of Owosso’s permits – are:

  1. GREEN SUNRISE PRODUCTS, LLC – 116 N Washington St. – #257
  2. JARS HOLDINGS, LLC – 901 W Main St. – #238
  3. GH PROCESSING, LLC – 1115 Corunna Ave. – #264
  4. NX MEDS, LLC – 300 W Main St. – #269

Congrats to the winners!  You can view the full list of applicants and where they fell in order with the lottery numbers HERE.

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