July 23, 2020

20 Acre Galien Township, Michigan Marijuana Cultivation and Processing Property Sold By Stephanie Goodman & Alicia Beyer

Waterford, MI: Bricks + Mortar Group, a Michigan female-owned and operated real estate company specializing in property zoned for marijuana use, is excited to announce their latest sale. The property sold is a 20 acre parcel of land on US-12, in Galien Township. It is located in Southwest Michigan, close to Chicago, Kalamazoo, and South bend. The land includes a 50 x 25 foot barn, and a 2,000 square foot house. It is in the Industrial zoning district, and qualifies for two types of medical marijuana licenses: cultivation and processing. Municipal licenses for both class C cultivation and processing were included in the sale, with the sale price totaling $250,000.

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